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        Lisure Science has set up one 3,000m2 application center in Suzhou BioBAY C12 Building. We can provide a total DSP solution for customers in biological medicine, chemical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and health care products. We also provide the development, amplification, optimization, validation of purification process. We have experienced engineers and professional equipment, providing our customers with necessary experiences in the selection and validation of media, technical support and process design in purification process and plant layout design.

        Luo Liang, Vice General Manger and Head of Application Development Department of Lisure Science, is an expert in bio-pharmacy. He has more than 25 years of experiences in bio-pharmacy industry, has a comprehensive and profound understanding of the whole biopharmaceutical process and rich experience in application development and GMP production management. He worked in Blood Research Lab and Genetic Engineering Lab of Chengdu Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd (SinoPharm Group), worked as Vice director of Purification Center. He was involved in the early development and industrialized production of many projects. He is one of the main developers in the purification process of Chinese blood borne eight factors. Before joined Lisure, he was Application Support Director of Greater China Region and Industry Sales Director in GE Life Sciences. His rich experience in process development and technical support helped GE in maintaining an absolute market share in the greater China.

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