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        Processing Solutions

        Process Unit

        Chromatography Unit

        Chromatography Column

        Low Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        Medium Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        High Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        Slurry Tank

        Buffer Mixing Unit

        Filtration Unit

        Application Support

        HP Process

        Product Features

        Modular design, highly adaptable configuration, meet the process requirements of different customers.

        Industrial class PLC and software workstation based on PC. Simple interface, meet the software environmental requirements of CGMP.

        One-stop service, the configuration can be ungraded after installation, applicability and lifetime is expanded.

        Documents and service are fully meet the regulatory requirements, DQ、IQ、OQ、PQ can be provided.

        Detector can be connected by optical fibers, stable and reliable.

        3DS online monitoring tools are available.

        Technical Specifications

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