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        Processing Solutions

        Process Unit

        Chromatography Unit

        Chromatography Column

        Low Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        Medium Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        High Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

        Slurry Tank

        Buffer Mixing Unit

        Filtration Unit

        Application Support

        APPS Pilot

        Product Features

        Mobile design, easy to move and use

        High accuracy constant current, small pulsation, reliable performance, can operate all the time.

        Both pneumatic valve and electric valves are available.

        200-400nm full wavelength scanning; support multi-wave in-line monitor at the same time.

        Automatic software control; humanized graphical interface; easy to operate, powerful functions.

        Preparative flow cell, advanced optical fibre technology,it can adjust the optical distance according to sample concentration ,making the UV monitor signal best.

        Technical Specifications

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